Essential oils for kidney stones! 


6058625453_57ba3755f9_zLast summer I found out I have kidney stones. It is horrible pain, probably the worst pain I have ever had before. I have a routine that I like to do to prevent the pain and also when I am having the pain.


  • To prevent kidney stones:

Take lemon essential oil in a capsule or in water. You can also use lemon juice, I also use this when I don’t want to use my oil! I try to do this as often as possible but sometimes I do forget!

Frainkensence can be applied onto the bottom of your feet as well. This oil is great for so many things. It can be a go to oil for anything!

Also you can try taking lemon, cinnamon and rosemary in a capsule.

I like to rub eucalyptus over my kidney as well. It is one of my favorite oils and I love the way it smells!

  • For the pain!:

The first feeling of pain, what I do is take lemon oil internally. I drink a lot of water as well with the oil in it (or lemon juice if you don’t have that oil or don’t want to use a lot). Then I take eucalyptus and juniper berry and rub that over my kidney. Sometimes if the pain is bad, I will add wintergreen. Great for the pain, when I put it on it feels like a warm sensation and it helps a lot. Also I put a heating pad on my back and lay down. Don’t forget the water!!!

Sometimes it is helpful to make a little drink mix of apple cider vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil and a tiny bit of olive oil, or coconut oil. And drink! Not very good, but it helps!

I hope these help you survive through the pain of kidney stones!

The oils that I use are doTERRA oils, they are CPTG grade oils, and are my favorite oils to use.

These are just my tips that I personally do to help with prevention and main management. They are not evaluated by a doctor, they are just tips that have helped me. Make sure whatever you do is something that is safe for your own body!


Photo credit from: Dialysis Technician Salary



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